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At Aloha Wellness we are committed to providing a natural, holistic alternative for health and wellness in the Austin community.  Research has shown that up to 90% of symptoms illness and disease is due to stress; physical, emotional, and chemical. Our comprehensive evaluations include structural, biomechanical, postural, radiographic, and motion assessments to understand physical stressors preventing optimal function. Our heart rate variability scan determines how specific stressors are impacting brain and nervous system function, as research has shown that loss of function in these areas commonly leads to physiological symptoms including, but not limited to; headaches, neck pain, back pain, anxiety, depression, fatigue, decreased immune function, insomnia, diffiiculty concentrating, learning disabilities, accelerated aging and many more.  We offer an extensive variety of care options from cutting edge to more traditional, which include; gentle-touch chiropractic adjustments, whole body vibration platforms, mindfit light and sound therapy, massage therapy, physical therapy, graston specific technique, and nutritional counseling.

Our goal at Aloha is to provide an environment of love, healing, and knowledge enabling each patient to pursue his/her path to health and wellness!

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