Chiropractic is a drug-free healing art designed to help an individual’s inborn ability to self-heal. The purpose of chiropractic care is to help make sure that your nervous system–which controls and regulates every function of your body–has a chance to do its job optimally. Chiropractic cannot be duplicated by any other healthcare modality.

While many patients initially seek chiropractic care to help resolve pain issues, this is just the beginning of our care for you.  After the pain has been relieved, we help restore your body’s natural ability to move freely and work to remove pressure on your nervous system.  Dr. English, with his expertise and experience, along with our massage therapists, collaboratively create a care plan that includes a variety of physiotherapies, rehabilitation and adjustment techniques customized just for you.

It is amazing how many aches and pains we learn to live with (and which often eventually turn into bigger problems) can be alleviated by seeking chiropractic care first. There is no reason to delay–call today for a free Wellness Evaluation.

Looking for a family chiropractor? Couples and families enjoy coming to Aloha Wellness Center together. We focus on teaching comprehensive chiropractic health and awareness. As you learn proper posture and body mechanics, core fitness, best work-out techniques, nutrition and more, you’re able to support each other to make positive lifestyle changes.

Insurance & Payments

We accept credit cards and most insurance plans for chiropractic services. Payment plans are also available.

Blue Cross/Blue Shield
United Healthcare

Don’t see your insurance plan listed here?  Call us at 512-694-6933 for all questions regarding insurance.

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