Sports Injuries

Sports Injuries- Rotator Cuff, Shin, Elbow & Knee Pain

Whether you suffer from sports-related neck or back pain or extremity complaints including shoulder, wrist, hand, knee, ankle, or foot pain, Aloha Wellness Center offers a unique approach to sports related injuries for all levels of competition, from the weekend warrior to the elite athlete. We offer both prevention and recovery programs.

Treatment Solutions

Best of all, our treatments do not have the side effects involved with steroid injections and can actually make you stronger than you were before the injury.

While ice can provide temporarily pain relief for sprains or strains caused by acute sports injuries, soreness, or the inability to put weight on a leg or knee can be indicative of a chronic sports injury. If your injury was caused by playing softball, soccer, basketball, football or tennis, our sports injury treatments and therapy techniques are designed to strengthen muscles and increase flexibility in order for patients to resume sport activities again.

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