The Aloha Philosophy

We believe from a structural/biomechanical perspective  each of us is the result of our life experiences, specifically the formation of adhesions and scar tissue due to falls, injuries, traumas, sports and the physical stress of daily activities both at work and at home.  As these adhesions continue to accumulate we begin to see the development of structural and biomechanical deficiencies that will eventually lead to loss of fluid movement, degenerative changes, pain and ultimately the loss of our ability to continue the activities we enjoy personally and with family and friends.   

Our goal through our care programs is to restore balance, symmetry and strength. To achieve this goal we incorporate a synergistic combination of

  • Massage Therapy – soft tissue therapies to break up scar tissue and fascial adhesions
  • Gentle-Touch Chiropractic – specific chiropractic adjustments focused on removing motion restrictions and nerve irritation often responsible for the symptoms that lead us to seek care
  • Rehabilitative Therapy – rehabilitative protocols  restore symmetry and strength to the soft tissues (muscles, tendons, ligaments) responsible for maintaining proper alignment, biomechanics, posture and body symmetry

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